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Busy! Busy! Busy!

Mom’s been furry busy lately with fund raising for a friend in Chile that runs a cat rescue. It took everything mom’s friend had to fix her house after the earthquake, so mom did an online auction on Gretchen’s MySpace page. She raised $665!

I got to go see my friends at San Felipe Animal Rescue (they saved my life and helped me find my forever home). The nice lady there gave mom a picture of my leg before it was taken away from me.

Before Amputation:

It’s pretty gross, but it had no pulse and never would have healed. I’m glad they took it off, could you imagine trying to walk on that? I think I run much better without having it dangle from my shoulder.

After Amputation:

We went to visit a new friend here in Mesa. Debbie has 6 Chihuahuas. They are furry cute, but were afraid of me cuz I’m so much bigger than them. I really liked meeting them and Debbie’s husband is the best! He gave me cookies!!

Dad filled my pool up! I can’t wait to go swimming in it again. Dad & Mom say I have to wait until the water warms up, but I don’t want to. They won’t put the ramp up until it’s warm enough. I’m hoping that maybe by the time Wyatt Ray gets here, it will be ready to swim in. Wyatt and I can have lots of fun in the water. 🙂

I am still going for walks around the block and taking swim therapy with my friend Jeff once a month. I did miss it last week though. Mom had a stiff neck for 4 days and couldn’t drive. Seems like forever, but I know I’ll be going back again soon.

ARoooooo!!! In 2 weeks, I get to meet Wyatt Ray Dawg, Dixie and hopefully Tasha too. It’s going to be so much fun. I just have to remind mom to charge up the batteries on the video camera so we can get lots of action shots. We’re going to meet at the dogpark in Phoenix. I am soooooo looking forward to that. Come on April 3rd!!!

It’s been a while….

Today I went swimming again! This time mom put me on the lift, lowered me in and I took off like a fish. I’ve been swimming now for almost 10 months and every time I go, I get stronger. Even Jeffrey Flocker my therapist says I’m doing wonderfully! I swam 4 laps in his pool before he even got there to help. All in all, I swam for a total of 25 min. with about 5 min. in rest periods. It’s so much fun, I chase a rabbit on a stick and if it hits the water with a splash, I lunge for it. Love chasing those rabbits!

My sister Gretchen is doing better. She limps once in a while, but the vet doctor says she just strains herself. She’s tall and lean and loves to run circles around me in the yard. Sometimes, she slips on the grass a little because she gets going too fast.

Baby Anka weighs about 45 pounds now and is only 6 months old. She is still in training, but does well on her leash. Mom puts her on a coupler with Gretchen and walks them together. Ha! Ha! I get my own leash and private walks with mom.

So life here in Arizona is pretty much the same except that it’s getting warm here now. I know the walks will be fewer as the sidewalks get too hot and so does the weather. Guess I’ll have to try and run circles around my sisters this summer.

I Didn’t Make it in the Paper, But….

I still had the best Christmas a dog could ask for. All the critters here got presents from our MySpace furriends. sv300018 The kitties got meeces and a squoosh ball. We doggies, well just take a look!toyz
That Barney you see in there? Well, he’s MINE!!! All mine!!! kill baney 4kill barney 2kill barney1 kill barney 3

Mom says I’m supposed to rip his head off, but I kinda like chewing on him better.

We had a quiet day on Christmas, went for a long walk and got to play with some of the kids down the street for a little while. It was lots of fun.

Gretchen started limping again today. Mom can’t figure out what’s going on so tomorrow the vet will take a look at her. She holds her foot up in the air and is real antsy when she lays down. Mom gave her 1/2 of one of my Tramadol tablets to settle her down today. Gretchen is 10lbs. heavier than me, so mom figured it wouldn’t hurt her. It did help because she is walking on the foot now. Mom is scared…this isn’t the first time Gretchen has limped on that leg and after all the stuff she’s read about OSC it’s making her scared. I say, let’s see what the vet says.

Anka is getting bigger every day. She’s over 30 pounds now and just about 4 months old. She’s gonna be a big one, that girl is. Smart too! Tell her something once and she never forgets. She’s got a stubborn streak in her though. Likes to make Mom & Dad chase her around the yard to get her in the house at night. Good for her! I say they need the exercise anyway.

Chuy in the Paper

I found out that the news article is actually a sort of contest. There is no voting by the public on this. PetSmart asked 600 of their charities to submit a story about one of their dogs finding a home for Christmas.

San Felipe Animal Rescue submitted Chuy’s and asked me to contact PetSmart with more of his story, so I did. I then asked the lady when it will be in the paper. She said whoever they decide on will have their story told on December 24th. in the USA Today.

We’re not sure if Chuy’s story will be the one, but we are going to get a paper that day, just to see. Let’s hope he makes it!

I know, I’m Bad!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I really do feel bad about it. We’ve been doing a fundraiser for a cat rescue on myspace. We did raise over $300 dollars and did a gift exchange for all the dogs and cats that participated. Chuy Doggers

Mom thinks it’s funny, Gretchen, Anka and I are getting more Christmas packages and cards than she and Dad are. I think it’s neat! We didn’t know that so many of our PetSpace (MySpace) friends loved us so much. chuy buddy

Anka and I are getting along real good now. We chase each other around the yard alot and play with our toys in the living room. She actually just leaps into the air and lands on me and we wrestle. It’s so much fun. Anka goes to school on Saturdays and Doggy daycamp on Wednesdays. Thank goodness! I need a break once in a while.

Swimming is still in my plans every 3 weeks. Jeff says I’m getting too strong. heehee! I like swimming, just hope the weather warms up a little bit. It’s chilly getting out of that pool all wet.

USA Today & Chuy

Wow! I got an e-mail today from San Felipe Animal Rescue. A lady from the PetSmart Charities asked them to submit a story about one of their adopted dogs and they chose Chuy! They said that since we adopted Chuy at Christmas time last year and he has quite the story to tell with the amp., Legg-Calve Perthes, FHO surgery, therapy and a new sister, he would make a great story for them. It’s going to be in the USA Today!

So now there is a celebrity among the Tripawds website! LOL, I’m just way too excited, can’t wait to find out when they are going to print it.

Chuy & Anka with Santa Paws 12/09

Chuy & Anka with Santa Paws 12/09

DNA Test Results

About 3 weeks ago, Mom & Dad decided they wanted to find out what kind of mix I really am. They sent away for a doggie DNA test for both my sister Gretchen and I. It was a simple mouth swab and they mailed them back right away.

We got the results back this week! It was really quick and easy.

My sister Gretchen is:
30% Siberian Husky (notice the tail?)
20% Borzoi (that explains the ears)
20% German Shepherd (black & tan)
10% Great Dane (short hair & tall)

10% Poodle (WTF?)

10% Yorkshire Terrier (again WTF?)

I see the first four in Gretchen, but Poodle and Yorkie?  BOL!!! She hasn’t got a curly hair on her body and she’s way too big with short hair to be Yorkie! OH MY Dogness!!!  Poor thing is confused as to how to behave or what to look like!


I on the other hand turned out to be:
30% Chow Chow
30% Newfoundland
30% Siberian Husky
10% Beagle
chuy backyard

Now I can see the husky, chow and newfie in me cuz I got a curly tail, gold fur and love the water. But Beagle? Where did that come from? Mom says she doesn’t see it either!

Just thought I’d share this news with my furriends here. It has been interesting to discover all of this. Now we know what to watch for healthwise when we get old.

New Sister in the Pack

Just wanted everyone to know that Mom & Dad brought home a new baby sister for me to play with. We annointed her with the name Anka. She is 12 weeks old and came from the same rescue I did. Anka is one of 7 sisters that mom helped rescue 3 weeks ago. When they were found they were malnourished and covered with ticks. Not any more!!! She has lived with us for 4 whole days now and I just Love her!!  We have a video of us playing, but the blog won’t upload it.


What a face!
Anka with her giant toy

Anka with her giant toy

Halloween Party 10/20/09

The party went well, there were about 50 doggies there.  Chuy got alot of compliments on his costume and even won a tennis ball!  He spent most of his time barking at other dogs or trying to play with the little ones.  He thinks anyone smaller than he is, is a puppy and he LOVES puppies!!  We were there for about an hour, got his picture taken and Chuy even had some doggy ice cream and cookies.  Fun was had by all.


Another week has gone by, or has it been longer?  Time is passing so quickly, seems like one can never keep up with things.  Besides being busy with the house and trying to keep us critters happy, Mom hasn’t had much time for her painting or crafts.  Chuy is still swimming every 2 weeks, but that may end next month as the weather is getting cool and a wet dog in cool weather isn’t a good idea.  He has been going to the park once a week and walking up and down hills.  Good muscle and co-ordination building therapy.

We went to PetSmart on Saturday and Mom bought 4 Ger. Shep. puppies.  There was a family selling them in the parking lot at the PetSmart. When we got there to visit the rescue that saved Chuy, one of the rescues had already bought 3 pups from them. They told mom that there was one left and that they wanted it at the shelter, but the family wouldn’t sell it to them. So, silly mom, left Chuy with the rescue and went out to see if she could get it. They had 4 pups! She called the rescue and they said she would take them all, so mom bought all 4 and brought them to the rescue at PetSmart. These pups were about 8 wks. old and covered with ticks. So, now the shelter has 7 Ger. Shep. puppies. Just couldn’t see them winding up with tick fever and I know the shelter will take care of them. Mom felt so bad and yet good at the same time. Chuy wanted to play with them, he loves puppies, but with the ticks and no vaccines, we couldn’t let him.  He did get to play with his friends Rosie and Dusty though.  They still remember Chuy from when he lived at the rescue.  It’s so amazing what they can remember!

That same night Mom got an e-mail from the rescue telling her that all 7 puppies were bathed, fed and vaccinated.  Sleeping in a big furball pile.  It was probably the first time they had ever been indoors and warm.  We really wanted to keep one, but we’re dealing with enough here.

Tomorrow we’re going back to PetSmart for a Halloween party.  Chuy’s dressing up as a Lifeguard.  I’ll try to post pictures when I can.

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