Update on the Homefront

My sister Gretchen does not, I said NOT have the nasty C word!!! That was cause for a small celebration here, so mom got out the chicken jerky and we each got 2 pieces. Unfortunately we had already drank all the Bowser Beer, so we didn’t have anything to wash down the jerky with except water.

The vet is still trying to figure out what is going on with Gretchens blood work though. The next step is to wait 3 months and do another round of testing and see what happens. 3 months?! Oh my!! In the meantime, we just keep an eye on her, (guess we’ll have to use one of Anka’s, cuz i’m not giving up mine) and make sure she’s doing o.k.

I on the other hand am doing Grrrrreat! My friend RaRa the Husky from Laramie, WY put me on his website! I’m getting famous all over the internet. RaRa met Calpurnia at a sled dog race last year. He thought she was as awesome as she was beautiful. He even has pictures of her on his MySpace page.

Well, just wanted to update you all on my sister mostly. Mom is still worried about her, but not as much as she was before.

Husky hugs, Newfie nuzzles and Chow Chow licks to all!

Author: chuy

Chuy is a 1 yr. old Chow/Newfie/Husky/Beagle mix. He has already lost his left frt. leg due to being hit by a car at 4 mos. old. We adopted him when he was 8 mos. old. He has now had FHO surgery on his left rear leg.

4 thoughts on “Update on the Homefront”

  1. YIPPEE. No cancer for Gretchen.

    You’re going to have to pace yourself with the Bowser Beer; just save a LITTLE for unexpected celebrations. 🙂

    And, yes, by all means – keep both eyes to yourself. There’s only so much a dude can give up.

    Hoping they find out what’s up with Gretchen so your mom doesn’t have to worry at all.

  2. wonderful news that gretchen is not fighting the ‘big c’!!!! geesh…doesn’t bowser beer come in a case??? we hope you can finally ferret out the cause of gretchen’s #s, but until then, keep enjoying the moments!!! oh, and don’t forget to keep napping!!

    gayle & charon

  3. You’re looking wonderful, Chuy! It’s a relief to hear Gretchen doesn’t have the “big c”. We hope she’s feeling better. Terry and Junior

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