Well, It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

313Summertime in Arizona sure is hot! 114 degrees today, so I stay inside most of the time, unless I have to potty. Mom and I sit on the porch in the mornings. We watch the birds while mom drinks her coffee. My sisfurs Gretchen & Anka play in the yard or just lay around and enjoy the cool sunshine.

Today, momma gave us all a bath. She thought it would help get some of the fur of us. Boy was she wrong! Now we are really shedding!!! My sisfur Gretchen has big puffs of fur coming out even though mom has brushed her several times. Anka is shedding, but not as bad and I just love to be brushed but if momma brings out the vacuum…..Look out!!! I am all over that thing. I just want to be vacuumed and get the fur sucked off me. Daddy thinks I’m crazy, but it gets more fur than any brush ever did.

We don’t go for walks very often right now for a few reasons. 1. Mom has a bad knee and can’t walk very far any more. 2. She has to make 2 trips, 1 with me and 1 with my sisfurs. 3. The sidewalks get so hot here right now, you can cook an egg on them. So instead of walks, we play in the house where it is cool. We roll a ball around or play tug of war with toys.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m still hoppin’ around and staying healthy. I do trip once in a while which makes mom nervous cuz I fall on my face, but hey, I’m a clumsy guy. What does she expect? Heehee!

Author: chuy

Chuy is a 1 yr. old Chow/Newfie/Husky/Beagle mix. He has already lost his left frt. leg due to being hit by a car at 4 mos. old. We adopted him when he was 8 mos. old. He has now had FHO surgery on his left rear leg.

6 thoughts on “Well, It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!”

  1. I cant blame you staying in so hot. Your still having fun an getting exercise. Thats what counts. We do the same herewhen its hot or raining. Have fun !

  2. OH my gosh that IS hot Chuy! You are a super dawg but even that’s too hot for you or me. Stay inside and keep cool my friend. It’s so good to hear from you!!! xoxo

    P.S. Eleanor, take care of that bad knee. It sounds so painful! Ouch! Thanks for your continued support.

  3. Wyatt can’t stand the heat either! It’s been a scorcher up in the mountains at Jerry’s Acres… must’ve hit at least 75! 🙂

  4. We are begging for hot weather here in Oaktown (well mom is anyway). But not that hot! Keep cool Chuy! So good to hear from you!!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

  5. Just catching up!

    Love the idea of getting your fur “vacuumed”!

    You are an amazing guy who is on an awe inspiring journey! You are among the mighty few who have gone through more than your share of challenges…and still wagging and smiling the whole time!!! You are a very determined fella’ with very devoted humans…and very sweet sisters!

    I keep scrolling back up and look at your picture because it .akes me so happy seeing you so happy! 🙂 You look very handsome in your vest too!

    Keep on keeping on Rockstar!! We love you!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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