Went to the Vet today

I went to the Orthopedic Vet today!  Mom got me dressed and I waited at the door for 10 minutes until she was ready to go.  Went for a car ride and then to see Dr. Jaffe.  He’s so nice, I really like him alot!  Dr. Jaffe did a quick exam on my leg today and then he talked to mom about it.  He said that I am free and clear to go.  I can do anything I want now!  WOOHOO!!  He told mom that I don’t have to go back unless I want to visit, which I am always welcome to do. 🙂  He also said that it is up to my physical therapist and mom as to how muchmore PT I will need.  If I have any future problems, like with my other rear leg, I can just go right to Dr. Jaffe, no referral needed now.

It’s great to be back to normal, now if I can just convince mom to let me sleep in….

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