Still Swimming

September 22 and Chuy is still going to therapy swimming.  I takes him just for fun, the PT says he doesn’t really need it anymore, but he loves the water and it’s good for him to get out.  Chuy swam for 1/2 hour today and was totally worn out when his pool time was up.  He’s such a trooper!  The PT kept throwing the water wubba and Chuy would dive off the lift, swim to the other end of the pool, grab it and bring it back to him.  This went on for at least 20 minutes before he started to tire out.

We are also walking him around the block a few times a week, taking him to the local park and going up and down hill and going to PetSmart one day on the weekend so he can socialize a little bit.  He’s getting to where everytime I head for the door, he heads there too.

Now that the weather here is starting to cool down, I’ll be able to take him with me when I run out for a quick errand or decide to go to Taco Bell for lunch.  I’m not sure how he will do at the dog park as he’s never had a chance to go there.  Do I dare try it?  I would have to bring his sister Gretchen along too and hope that the first few times, there are no small dogs in the small dog area, so Chuy has time to acclimate himself.  It would be great to have him play with some new kids. Next month the weather will be cool enough to try it.  I may start at a park where not too many go anymore.  That way, they will have the freedom, but not the possible conflict.

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Chuy is a 1 yr. old Chow/Newfie/Husky/Beagle mix. He has already lost his left frt. leg due to being hit by a car at 4 mos. old. We adopted him when he was 8 mos. old. He has now had FHO surgery on his left rear leg.

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  1. Way to go, Chuy!

    You should definitely take him to try out the dog park. This weekend I took Max to a dog park for a Shiba Inu meetup and he, at 34 pounds, was the biggest dog there. I wasn’t sure how he’d do because he tends to pick fights on the street with other leashed dogs. But he did SO WELL! He got along with the 12 or so other Shiba Inus there (Maxie is a Shiba mix), and as a trlpawd, he was naturally the star of the show. It would probably be a good idea to just go when one or two other dogs are there. I wish I had an area here where Max could go swimming. I’m not sure if he’d enjoy it or not, but it would be worth a try.

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