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Wow! I got an e-mail today from San Felipe Animal Rescue. A lady from the PetSmart Charities asked them to submit a story about one of their adopted dogs and they chose Chuy! They said that since we adopted Chuy at Christmas time last year and he has quite the story to tell with the amp., Legg-Calve Perthes, FHO surgery, therapy and a new sister, he would make a great story for them. It’s going to be in the USA Today!

So now there is a celebrity among the Tripawds website! LOL, I’m just way too excited, can’t wait to find out when they are going to print it.

Chuy & Anka with Santa Paws 12/09
Chuy & Anka with Santa Paws 12/09

Author: chuy

Chuy is a 1 yr. old Chow/Newfie/Husky/Beagle mix. He has already lost his left frt. leg due to being hit by a car at 4 mos. old. We adopted him when he was 8 mos. old. He has now had FHO surgery on his left rear leg.

4 thoughts on “USA Today & Chuy”

  1. What an adorable picture! You are celebrities for sure…we look forward to reading it. Do you think they’ll mention the beagle part?

  2. Yay for the soon to be celebrities! Be sure to let us know as soon as you know what date the story will be in USA Today. Woooo whooooo!

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