Mom says I’m a Slacker

Well, of all the nerve!  Mom says I’m a slacker because I haven’t updated my blog lately.  She’s right, but still!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my pool as of  late.  The weather is starting to get real hot here and I’m glad we still have the pool set up.  My sisters don’t like to swim, but I just hop in (with a little help from mom or dad) and cool off in the water for a while.  The best part is when I get out and chase my sisters.  They hate getting wet and I shake all over them.  Last week, I put my foot up on the edge and hopped onto the ramp all by myself!  Mom was shocked (bol), I like to shock her once in a while.  I just hopped down the ramp and chased my sisters around.

I get to go to PetSmart every weekend now.  Mom takes me to visit the shelter she adopted me from.  It’s great to see them all and let them know I’m doing fine.  I can’t wait to see them this weekend, I’ll show them my new trick.  Mom taught me to sit up pretty in just 3 days!  She never thought she would see me do it, especially after the FHO surgery, but I showed her!  Now I try to sit up pretty (shouldn’t that be Handsome?) every time she offers me a treat.

Anka wants my treat!

We’re gonna take a trip this summer for a couple days.  Mom says Dad is staying home and we’re going to the high country.  I sure hope it’s not too high, but heard it’s cooler there too.  Mom’s sister is renting a cabin and invited us to come stay for a few.  I can’t wait to meet my cousins Simone’ (a std. poodle) and Bailey (a lab mix).  I’m also looking forward to lots of long walks in the woods and maybe just laying on the porch for a while enjoying nature at it’s best.

Life is good!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Mom’s been furry busy lately with fund raising for a friend in Chile that runs a cat rescue. It took everything mom’s friend had to fix her house after the earthquake, so mom did an online auction on Gretchen’s MySpace page. She raised $665!

I got to go see my friends at San Felipe Animal Rescue (they saved my life and helped me find my forever home). The nice lady there gave mom a picture of my leg before it was taken away from me.

Before Amputation:

It’s pretty gross, but it had no pulse and never would have healed. I’m glad they took it off, could you imagine trying to walk on that? I think I run much better without having it dangle from my shoulder.

After Amputation:

We went to visit a new friend here in Mesa. Debbie has 6 Chihuahuas. They are furry cute, but were afraid of me cuz I’m so much bigger than them. I really liked meeting them and Debbie’s husband is the best! He gave me cookies!!

Dad filled my pool up! I can’t wait to go swimming in it again. Dad & Mom say I have to wait until the water warms up, but I don’t want to. They won’t put the ramp up until it’s warm enough. I’m hoping that maybe by the time Wyatt Ray gets here, it will be ready to swim in. Wyatt and I can have lots of fun in the water. 🙂

I am still going for walks around the block and taking swim therapy with my friend Jeff once a month. I did miss it last week though. Mom had a stiff neck for 4 days and couldn’t drive. Seems like forever, but I know I’ll be going back again soon.

ARoooooo!!! In 2 weeks, I get to meet Wyatt Ray Dawg, Dixie and hopefully Tasha too. It’s going to be so much fun. I just have to remind mom to charge up the batteries on the video camera so we can get lots of action shots. We’re going to meet at the dogpark in Phoenix. I am soooooo looking forward to that. Come on April 3rd!!!